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    Massage & Beauty Treatments

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Morzine Massage & Beauty Treatments


When you’re not on the slopes, what better way to relax and revive than with a luxurious beauty treatment or healing sports massage. We can arrange for you to be visited in the comfort of your chalet by our recommended Morzine massage and beauty treatment specialists.


For post-ski muscle relief or simply an outstanding massage, Mountain Rehab can offer a massage to suit your needs. Their expert physiotherapists will apply their knowledge of anatomy to relieve your aches and pains. They will ensure that you are in peak performance so that you can make the most of your time on the mountain. With treatments ranging from sports massage to more specific physiotherapy consultation, Mountain Rehab will provide the perfect healing remedy.

For more information about the treatments available, visit www.mountain-rehab.com




The Beauty Spot offers a full range of beauty treatments from hot stone massage and body scrubs, to beautiful OPI and shellac nails. Highly trained therapists will come to your chalet and set up a tranquil haven for you to relax and unwind.

For information on all of their treatments, visit here

We recommend pre-booking any treatments to avoid disappointment. If you would like to discuss the options available or to make any reservations just fill in the contact form below. Let us know what you would like and when, and we will make the arrangements for you.

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